An APU or Auxiliary Power Unit is a device that takes the energy produced by the engine of a truck and stores it in a different battery for use when the engine is off. The advantages of having such a device on your truck are listed as below.

The most obvious is that it eliminates the need for the engine to idle. Idling is a state when the motor vehicle is left with the engine running and the vehicle is stationary. Idling happens very often especially in trucks and can go on for hours.It has been noted that idling produces as much pollution as a moving car. When an APU is present it eliminates the need for a vehicle to idle thus it is a way of playing your part in taking care of the environment. There has been an increase in laws regarding idling of vehicle engines and thIs has led to an increase in policing of thEse laws and so hp2000apu units for trucks is becoming more necessary to save money and remain compliant to the law.Not only does using an APU help save the environment but you could also be eligible to claim off-road fuel tax credit when making your returns.

ID-100257637APU’s also reduce the wear that takes place to the engine of a semi truck that would occur if the vehicle was idling. Leaving a truck running for hours on end is a sure way to incur extra maintenance costs and an APU helps eliminate that.

APU’s also significantly reduce the amount of fuel a truck would use as opposed to idling. The money saved in the long run are an added advantage to having an APU in a truck.

The energy stored in an Auxiliary Power Unit can be used to power items such as televisions, microwaves and other meal preparation items.The energy could also be used for air conditioning and heating systems.This a huge advantage for operators to obtain a little comfort in a semi truck.

APU’s also keep the engine warm as it stays parked, this helps avoid cold starts ; saving time,fuel and money during the cold season.

Most Auxiliary Power Units have been fitted with advanced technology such as low battery start and auto heat and cool climate control. Taking advantage of some of this advanced technology, such as using the air air starter in conjunction with the APU unit eliminates the need for a battery. This in turn could save the owner a lot of weight and fuel costs.

Some APUs have the added advantage of being noise free, a huge bonus for semi trucks as the noise can be more than irritating for the driver as opposed to idling which could be considered a noise pollutant.

The many advantages of an APU unit in terms of cost and time (semi trucks with APUs spend a lot less time being maintained than those that idle) outweigh idling and wearing down a good engine. Many truck companies and fleet owners are currently making the switch from idling to APUs.

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