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The importance of using branded oil in your boat


file000261205395Since winter is just around the corner most Americans are beginning to winterize their boats. They do this to prevent damage both to the body of the boat and also to prevent damage to the engine. Parts of the boat that you should look out for when winterizing your boats include: the inboard engine, outboard engine, stern drive, bilges, out water storage, in water storage and the interior. However the most important section is the maintenance of your engine as it is practically the heart of the entire machine and without it your boat is practically just scrap metal.

An important but simple guideline in choosing what brand of discounted bulk marine oil you should buy is the brand same with the brand your engine is. For example if your engine is Yamaha made engine Yamalube 2W is a great option. Yamalube 2W is designed for a two-stroke watercraft engine. It is a semi-synthetic oil that was designed to prevent rust and corrosion. It also reduces the occurrence of ring stick, piston burning and spark plug fouling.

Another point to look at when choosing motor oils is if the oil possesses a TC-W3 rating which is the case is the majority of branded motor oils. TC-W3 rating is an industry certification administered by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). This certification tests the following qualities of the motor oil: Lubricity, General Performance, Preignition Tendencies, Rust prevention, Miscibility/Fluidity, Filterability, Compatibility, Detergency and Ring Sticking. Basically this certification uses 4 engines: one Johnson 40hp, one Johnson 70hp and two consecutive Mercury 15 hp engines to test if the oils fulfill the required criteria above. If the motor oil fulfills or exceeds the criteria above it is awarded a TC-W3 rating.

High quality motor oils contain anti-wear additives. These anti-wear additives are specifically designed to counteract the effects of increased load that motor engines for boats have to face when compared with automobile engines. Besides that these high quality motor oils contain shear stable polymers in the oil that prevents it from splitting due to the high revolutions that watercraft engines operate at. If the molecule in the oil becomes sheared it reduces the lubricity of the oil thus increasing the risk of engine damage. These motor oils also contain special detergents, dispersants and viscosity index improvers to allow the lubricating oils to operate at lower temperatures. Engines in boats suck in extremely humid air from the surface of the sea. This increases the corrosiveness of the air and if left unchecked can seriously damage your engine. Well designed and reputable motor oil contains special anti-corrosion agents that help reduce and prevent the corrosive effects of the humid air entering the combustion chambers thus increasing the overall performance and engine life of your engine.

In conclusion choosing the right motor oil is of paramount important to maintain the overall performance and increase the engine life of your watercraft engine. If you already have the budget to buy a luxurious commodity like a watercraft I think it is only a small price to pay to buy a reputable brand of motor oil. The extra price of the motor oil acts like an insurance policy and provides a sense of confidence to the costumers.

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