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Pokemon GO- A new breakthrough in mobile gaming

    Every person who uses the internet has heard about Pokemon Go. This highly expected game fulfilled all the expectation and more. The success of Pokemon Go is unbelievable, were just some words of the Nintendo Spokesman. The hype for the game was high, but no one expected this level of success. In less than a week this game got more users than the last Pokemon game got in a whole year.

More users play this game than there are accounts on Tinder, a very successful dating app. All of this happened in the first week, and the number of users is on the rise. If this trend continues, then the number of the users that play this game may become higher than the number of Twitter accounts.

   germanconsumNintendo has been reluctant to shift part of their gaming to the mobile platforms. Other companies decided to try it out, while Nintendo never ventured into this world. But their future in the console gaming took a wrong turn after the underperformance of the Wii U. The choice to enter the world of mobile gaming was a right thing to do, as there is a high chance that Pokemon Go will become the most successful mobile game.

    The success of this game might push the Nintendo deeper into the world of mobile platform gaming. Many people have expressed their opinion on this, and they hope that Nintendo will keep on making games like Pokemon GO.

    Many Nintendo games that came out in the last couple of years managed to disappoint. Whether they will try to shift their business to the mobile devices is still unsure. The questions have been asked, but Nintendo didn’t answer any of them.pokemon-go

    The chance of Nintendo entering into the mobile gaming industry a bit more deeply in the future is very likely. If it comes down to investors, then this company will stay in this market as the shares of the Nintendo went up over 60 percent during this week.

    Pokemon GO isn’t the first Nintendo mobile game that connected real world and the game. The first try was in the form of Miitomo, but the game ended as a failure due to bad gameplay. The problem was in the interaction between the player and the world.3V7J-yNM7Lftp1yh3HU9y-L31xtgMweq

      Pokemon GO is different as it used several ideas that people were looking for. First of all, this game has a vast sea of Pokemon lore, and there are many both old and new individuals who are fond of it. The player is a Pokemon trainer, the main character in this, and in every other Pokemon game. That setting allows the player to explore their surroundings in the search of their favorite Pokemon.

     Pokemon GO earned over 15 million dollars since the launch, a number that exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. The rush of the popularity isn’t stopping, and if the figures have any influence, then the Nintendo will make more games like this. The company didn’t comment on anything yet, but their answers may come in few days, or so we hope.


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