Medical Conditions that may Require In Home Care


In home care isn’t only for companionship and a little bit of assistance around the house – it’s a comprehensive solution that may be required in many different situations. In-home care may be needed to help care for family members with serious diseases, illnesses or physical difficulties that can range from dementia to cardiovascular troubles to incontinence. If your family is caring for a loved one and needs help, you should know that in-home care can help with more serious medical care issues while still allowing as much independence as possible. The following are five major senior care needs that may be addressed within home care.

-In Home specialized in home care for Dementia

Family members who suffer from any dementia many benefits greatly from in home care. This can include simple companionship, help with remembering and tending to daily activities and responsibilities, medication reminders, help with the house and relief work for others that provide care in the family. A professional in-home care provider can also contribute to educating family members about dementia and how to manage it and provide better care.

-In Home Care for Mobility

Mobility issues can make life difficult, but with an experienced senior care services agency, you and your family can take back the lives you once led. Eldercare provided at your home can help with all levels of mobility issues, from light assistance with walking, to transporting a patient from one place to another. Proper guidance can also be provided to help make the home more user-friendly for people with mobility problems.

-Senior Care for Blood Disorders

Blood disorders such as hemoglobin diseases, lymphocytosis, lupus, white blood cell disorders and other conditions related to the body’s blood can require special assistance for those afflicted. This can include everything from general help around the house to assistance with specialized treatments and even transportation to medical appointments.

-At Home Care for Cancer

Cancer is a difficult disease to care for as a family member because it’s often hard to predict how it will progress. Daily activities can be affected by treatments and general illness related to the disease. At home care can help by providing basic monitoring services, help with medication reminders, transportation to and companionship during appointments, and much more.

-Senior Care for Renal/Urological problems and Incontinence

It takes an experienced professional to properly address and manage incontinence, renal and urological problems without causing embarrassment or discomfort. In the home, senior care can help alleviate some or all of these duties from caring family members and provide companionship at the same time. And as these types of problems progress or recede, the level of care you receive can be adjusted as well to benefit the whole family.

These are just some of the medical conditions that may require in-home care. If your family is in need of senior care services, call a professional in-home care provider near you for an immediate, confidential consultation. They can help you create a better quality of life for you and your loved ones, but they can’t help if you don’t call.

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